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Invitation Letter

Schengen Area

Italy is one of the 26 European countries that have mutually decided to eliminate passport and immigration controls at their joints borders. Under the Schengen agreement, travelling from one Schengen country to another is possible without any passport and immigration controls or any other formalities previously required. If you are not sure if your country is in it, here it is a list. From this countries you only need passport or Identity Card to have access to Italy. No other documents are necessary.


If you need a visa, you will be responsible for getting it. All the information provided by Italy’s Ministry are here. If you require a letter of invitation in order to secure a visitor visa, you must first register for IONS Naples 2016, then send an email to us (ionsnaples@fisica.unina.it) requesting an invitation letter. Please include your full name, date of birth, university, university’s address, your phone number, country and passport number. We will try to get and send you an invitation letter as soon as possible. Please apply for your visa as early as possible as the process can take a long time.