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Scientific Activities

Each student attending IONS NAPLES 2016 is kindly asked to partecipate in at least one of these activities:

Talks: submit your work!

At the moment of the registration, submit the scientific abstract related to a research work of yours. Our scientific Committee (formed by Chapters’ members, phD students and Professors from our University) will select up to 30 students, in order to give a talk about your work. We estimate that this talks should last around 15 minutes, questions included. In order to reach the largest possible audience, all talks must be presented in English. Furthermore, note that the IONS conference is an inclusive environment that aims to give all students a chance to present their work! It is not necessary to present work that is complete or has been published.
During the social dinner on Friday, we will award the best talk of the conference with a great surprise.

Posters Session: Aperiposter

If you do not want to have a talk, you could present your research through a poster, a more informal and relaxed context. Poster sessions are great to meet all the attendants and chat about their work or interests, have a quick view of the reasearches of your collogues and, why not, having a cold drink together!

The posters could have a maximum size for 84×119 cm (portrait orientation):  please submit the abstract or the poster itself at the moment of the online registration.

Professional Devolopement Session:  This session is divided on individual and group professional development. The first will be provided by John Taylor, OSA Membership Program Manager, with a talk on “Public Speaking”. The other will be a presentation about the EPS’ Young Minds Project.

Stay tuned for more information.