Welcome to the International OSA Network of Students (IONS®) Naples 2016 conference official website.

IONS® are major networking conferences promoted by the Optical Society (OSA). It encourages the local student chapters to organize, manage and attend a full conferences. The IONS® motto is “Organized by students, for students”.The 2016 European meeting will be organized by the Physics and Optics Naples Young Students (PONYS) Naples OSA Student Chapter from the 6th to the 8th July 2016.

IONS NAPLES 2016 will be focused on every aspects of optics and photonics: our aim is to provide a good environment in which all the attendees (master students, PhDs and post-docs) can share their researches and their ideas, as we know that IONS conferences are one of the first opportunities to network for a young researcher. We will offer students’ technical talks, distinguished invited speakers and social activities.

Registration for IONS NAPLES 2016 is FREE. There are a limited number of travel grants, you can find all the information for the grant distribution and request during the registration process.

Naples is the biggest city in southern Italy, as one of the oldest in the whole country. Its colourful settings have been welcoming for many of the most important minds of the history, such as Goethe and Giordano Bruno. This year, IONS Naples 2016 will be held in the UNESCO World Heritage, the Historic Centre of Naples.

As one of the four founding chapters of the IONS® program back in 2007, we are glad to host IONS Naples 2016, during the OSA Centennial celebrations. We are furthermore glad and honored to celebrate, in conjunction with OSA Centennial, our chapter first decade.

For any further informations, please surf on this website or send an email to ionsnaples@fisica.unina.it



See you soon in Naples!

I shall not forget Via Toledo, nor any other of the parts of Naples;
to my eyes this city has no equal and is the most beautiful city in the universe.

— Stendhal, Rome Naples et Florence